Introduction to Daltry Offshore

Most likely you have found this website following a search on Google or one of the other big search engines when looking for an offshore bank, or maybe, an offshore company specialist.

Well, I am neither. What I am though, is someone who has had an in-depth look at the websites promoting offshore bank accounts and offshore company formations.

I present my thoughts, observations, recommendations and reviews here for consumption by the World Wide Web.

I have personally visited each of the offshore sites featured at Daltry Offshore - this is unique content! I review the sites, discuss navigation and point out hints and tips for you to get the most from your research and interest in the offshore world.

A paradise palm-tree island in the sun may be just a dream, but protecting your money offshore is a reality; you will be protecting your earnings and capital from the fluctuations of the world economy.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” - Henry David Thoreau

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